THE active "void"


theatre |public space |solid & void | third-year fall studio |AA visiting semester program | 15 weeks

studio professor: Niara Vegara & Marie-Isabel de Monseignat-Lavrov

individual project

activity flow drawing

This is a 15-week building study and design project in my study abroad program in Architectural Association in London. The building studies focused on the solid and void space of two large-scale mixed-used commercial buildings, One New Change in London, and Liverpool One in Liverpool. I took a special interest in categorizing and visualizing the activity level within the void space, and I brought this concept into my design project, by designing a theater/ public steps on the ruins of Princes Landing Stage to revitalize public gathering space in the waterfront of River Mersey, Liverpool.


From the site visit and analysis, it is noticeable that walking experience
along River Mersey is linear and lacking stopping points. Also, the amenities
for cultural activities including cinemas, theaters and plazas are lacking.
Therefore, Princes Landing Stage was chosen as the site to revitalizing the
waterfront area. The site is currently ruins of heavy timer structure which
was used about a century ago. The site’s industrial feature and its relationship
with the water become important elements of the design process.

final exploded axo by Pam-min.jpg