2015 spring semester

instructor: Aaron Blum

This is an in-class project. I was asked to find a photographer I like and produce a set of photos to show my understanding of the photographer's work. 

Jessica Backhaus’ project, What still remains, expressed that photographs are like “memorials that stop time and hold it for a moment”. I found this statement intriguing. Photographs could be memos that trigger a certain piece of memory the moment you see it. Photographs could document the emotion one have at a specific moment of the day. Backhaus took photos of details in life, including tree branches, glass cups, garbage bags, stair cases and etc. She frame the photos in a careful way. With simple background, simple geometry, vibrant color, water reflection, soft lighting and shadows, her photos start to convey a sense of romantic and emotional feelings, which is also what I would like to produce in this project.