hoop house

design built | urban agriculture | second-year fall studio | 7 weeks

 studio professor: Joshua Bard

instructor: Jennifer Lucchino          

design team: Kara Gadecki, James Monroe, Jessica Sved, Pam Pan, XIaoyu Jiang

on-site photo

on-site photo

The hoop house project is a seven-week project to build a greenhouse for the planting bed in Larimer Community Garden in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. The design idea is to redefine the phrase "hoop house". We started with modules made of two hoops and overlapped them to create a new image of traditional hoop house. As the planting bed assigned to us is close to the intersection of the two major roads, we also considered this hoop house to be the visual attraction of the community garden to all community members.

During the design process, we carefully studied the environmental condition of the site, including plants, wind, sun and rain. We designed the structural frame as a detailed digital model in Rhino and constructed it with conduits, nuts and bolts. To create the accurate curvature of the conduit, we made wooden form-works for each piece. The membrane is made of greenhouse plastic. We used heat-shrinking tools to attach it to the structural frame.