modular housing| community facility | Beijing hutong | Internship |2 weeks

project instructors: Chien-Ho Hsu, Xing Liang (in:Flux Architecture)

design team: Pam Pan, Yilin Ma, Yanhang Ren, Liangliang Wang

exterior rendering

This is a two-week competition submission to the international design competition, Baitasi 2016: Reinventing the Beijing Courtyards. The competition proposal was done during my internship in in: Flux Architecture at Beijing in 2016. The design idea is to create public space for local residents in Baitasi hutong area and a hostel for visitors to the hutong culture in Beijing.

The design team considers the existing building scale of Beijing hutong should be maintained. The plan of the design proposal is about reversing the existing figure ground in Baitasi Neighborhood, which is congested by dwelling units and unable to provide space for social living.

The extra-long treadmill towards the direction of Baitasi Temple and the reflective
materials on its side, create a dynamic visual connection and illusion with the cultural and spiritual icon in the neighborhood. The 4.2 - meter-by - 4.2 - meter building unit with replaceable cells could be used for living, barbecue hub, teahouse, offices and etc. The pre-fabricated modules with permanent facilities including bathrooms and enclosures, gives the hutong courtyard unlimited possibilities of social events in the small space.