mixed-use | urban agriculture | second-year fall studio | 7 weeks

 studio professor: Joshua Bard

instructor: Jennifer Lucchino        

individual project

exterior rendering

This project is to design an urban agricultural center in Larimer neighborhood, Pittsburgh, PA, US. Facing the reality of Larimer community, with high crime rate and high vacant lot ratio, Larimer is one of the least developed neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. In Larimer, 40% of the residents live alone. To reduce the sense of loneliness and to strengthen the sense of community, with the belief that nature would bring people closer, the design is to create an urban agricultural center, with buildings grow from the ground, making the roof area become walkable and inhabitable. 

The urban agricultural center would be served as an open market, an educational outreach center and a greenhouse. The geometry of the roof is based on the parallel lines pointing towards the intersection of the streets, the geometry of the interior organization in plan is based on the lines perpendicular to the street lines. The two sets of parallel lines creates interesting triangular intersection within the space.