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mixed-use | art center & cinema | second-year spring studio | 7 weeks

 studio professor: Jeremy Ficca

instructor: Mick McNutt        

individual project

exterior rendering

This project is to design an cinema and art center in East Liberty neighborhood, Pittsburgh, PA, US. The design idea is to make circulation within this building become an event. To achieve this, grand stairs are used in the gallery and multi-media space to mimic the sharing experience people have in the theater. 

The programs included are a theater, a gallery, a multi-media space and a restaurant. In the gallery space, the art installations will be placed on the steps. In multi-media space, people would be able to sit on steps to watch films on a movable screen. 

Lines used to define space are generated from lines that are parallel or perpendicular to the outlines of the site and the theater space. Therefore, a triangular lobby space is created in the middle as the most active place in the building.  

 The material used for theater space and gallery space is concrete. Materials used in the lobby and restaurant area are steel, glass, wood panels (for shading) and steel medal mesh (facade system) to allow the gentle interior lighting in the lobby space.