project-based learning charter school

education | project-based learning | third-year spring studio | 15 weeks

studio professor: Stephen Lee

instructor: Jeffrey Davis  

Individual project

exterior rendering

This is a semester-long project to design a project-based charter school for students from 12 to 14 years old in Hazelwood, Pittsburgh, USA. The building consists of nine studio spaces for all three grades, the common area for meeting and exhibition, and other supporting programs. The design idea is to define the common space as the “stage”, and the studio space as “seating areas“ facing towards the “stage”, to create a multi-level visual connection within the space in order to trigger creativity among students.

The project also focused on advanced structural systems. Industrial building elements including big trusses, metal deck ceiling, steel beams and columns are exposed to students, which enables them to have a better understanding of building tectonics.

The metal-screen facade is designed with the intention to enhance visual connections from the outside to the inside and vice versa. The size of the punched holes on the screen varies depends on the level of publicity of the programs inside. In addition, the
metal screen also allows the yellow-colored trusses being exposed to the pedestrians outside.

n-s section.jpg
wall sections.jpg